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Highland Flowers is a flower wholesaler that strengthens the relationship between our clients and the Ecuadorian Farms. We are a wholesaler known for working with the best brands in the flower industry.

Because of the Andean highland our flowers have the brighter colors, the longer stems, and the most beautiful blooms.

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From the day the flowers are cut at the farm. It only takes three days to get to your door. Which only means you will have fresher flowers for sure, and they’ll get there for free!

Longer Lasting

The farms are located in the equator over 9842.52 feet over sea level. Having constant weather year round and by being in one of the spots on earth closest to the sun. These allows the flowers to grow bigger and stronger.



Ecuadorian farms have a wide variety of flowers. We work with those who invest in updating their rose collection. Therefore, we can always offer you the best varieties of roses.

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  • Pink Mondial

  • Lola

  • Alba

  • Candelight