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The farms are situated near the equator, at an elevation of over 9,842 feet above sea level. This unique location provides a consistent climate throughout the year and places the farms among the spots on Earth closest to the sun.

These ideal growing conditions, with abundant sunlight and stable temperatures, allow the flowers to thrive, resulting in larger and more robust blooms. The combination of high altitude and equatorial positioning ensures that our flowers are of exceptional quality, offering unparalleled beauty and strength.

As owners of Ecuadorian farms, we take pride in the abundant variety of flowers cultivated on our land. We work closely with growers who share our commitment to enhancing their rose collections, enabling us to consistently offer you the very best selections of roses.

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From the moment the flowers are cut at the farm, it takes just four days for them to reach your door.

This ensures that you receive the freshest flowers possible, maintaining their vibrant beauty and delightful fragrance.

Plus, our delivery is completely free, so you can enjoy premium blooms without any additional cost.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to bring you the best floral experience right to your doorstep.

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