Blue Berry

The Blue Berry rose is a mesmerizing bloom that showcases a rich wine hue intertwined with hints of deep pink and luxurious lavender. This exquisite combination of colors embodies sophistication and allure, creating a truly captivating flower:


  • Color and Appearance:

Blue Berry roses display an enchanting blend of deep wine, subtle pink, and rich lavender tones, offering a multi-dimensional and striking visual appeal. The blooms feature elegantly layered petals that exude a sense of opulence and depth, complemented by a velvety texture that enhances the luxurious appearance. The intricate play of colors creates a dramatic and alluring effect, making the Blue Berry rose a standout choice for those seeking a floral masterpiece.

  • Fragrance:

While the Blue Berry rose may not feature a strong fragrance, its captivating color palette evokes a sense of opulence and sophistication, subtly enhancing any floral arrangement with its depth and richness.

  • Uses:

The unique and sophisticated color combination of the Blue Berry rose makes it ideal for creating lavish and opulent floral displays. Whether adorning grand bouquets, luxurious centerpieces, or upscale decor, its rich beauty brings an element of refinement and grandeur to any occasion. Perfect for high-end events, prestigious celebrations, or as a statement piece in sophisticated settings, the Blue Berry rose adds a touch of lavish elegance to elevate the ambiance and create a memorable visual impact.

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