Star 2000

The Star 2000 rose is a captivating bloom known for its bright and vivid orange hue, exuding energy and vibrancy. Here’s a closer look at this remarkable flower:


  • Color and Appearance:

Star 2000 roses showcase a striking and intense orange color, making them a standout choice in any floral arrangement. The blooms are typically large, with petals that are perfectly formed into a classic, full rose shape. The vibrant orange tones and the smooth, velvety texture of the petals give the Star 2000 rose a bold and dynamic appearance. This eye-catching color not only adds a pop of brightness but also brings a sense of warmth and vitality to any setting.

  • Fragrance:

The Star 2000 rose generally carries a light, fresh fragrance that complements its vivid color. While the scent is not overpowering, it provides a pleasant and invigorating aromatic experience, adding an additional layer of appeal to the flower.

  • Uses:

The vibrant orange color of the Star 2000 rose makes it an excellent choice for a variety of floral arrangements and settings. It is ideal for creating bold bridal bouquets, lively centerpieces, and striking floral decor. The energetic hue of this rose is perfect for celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, and festive occasions, adding a touch of excitement and cheer to any event. The Star 2000 rose is also a great option for brightening up everyday living spaces, where its dazzling color can lift spirits and invigorate the environment. Florists and flower enthusiasts are drawn to the Star 2000 rose for its brilliant color and its ability to make a bold statement in any floral design.

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