A captivating sight to behold, the Stardust rose boasts a radiant golden yellow bloom splashed with pops of lemon, creating a truly unique and eye-catching flower. Here are some key details about this delightful rose variety:


  • Color and Appearance:

Stardust roses boast vibrant yellow petals that exude warmth and radiance, resembling the dazzling stars in a night sky. The blooms of Stardust roses are typically medium-sized, with a classic rose shape and a velvety texture that enhances their visual appeal.

  • Fragrance:

Stardust roses may emit a delicate fragrance, which can vary from light and sweet to soft and floral, adding to their charm and allure.

  •  Uses:

Thanks to their vibrant color and delightful fragrance, Stardust roses are popular choices for bouquets, floral arrangements, adding a touch of brightness and joy to any setting. Providing a cheerful and eye-catching focal point that enhances the overall aesthetic of the landscape.



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