The Sweetness rose is a captivating bi-colored variety, with equal parts white and red, adorned with a stylized bloom to add additional flavor. Here’s a closer look at this delightful bloom:


  • Color and Appearance: 

Sweetness roses feature petals divided evenly between white and red, creating a mesmerizing contrast of colors. The blooms boast a stylized appearance, adding a touch of uniqueness and charm. They are typically medium-sized, with a classic rose shape and velvety texture. Each petal is intricately formed, enhancing the rose’s overall allure and appeal.

  • Fragrance: 

While the Sweetness rose may not have a strong fragrance, its captivating bi-colored petals make a statement on their own. The unique color combination enhances the sensory experience of encountering this exquisite bloom.

  • Uses: 

The Sweetness rose is a versatile choice for various floral arrangements and settings. Its bi-colored petals and stylized bloom make it perfect for weddings, parties, and other special occasions where a unique and charming touch is desired. Whether used in bouquets, centerpieces, or floral decor, these roses add an element of whimsy and elegance to any setting.

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