White Mondial

The White Mondial rose is an exquisite variety renowned for its pristine white petals and timeless elegance. Making it a versatile choice for a wide range of occasions and settings. Here are some key features of the White Mondial rose:


  • Color and Appearance: 

White Mondial roses are distinguished by their white petals, which exude a sense of purity and sophistication. Their blooms are typically large and full, with layers of delicate, velvety petals that create a stunning visual impact.

  • Fragrance: 

The fragrance of White Mondial roses is often subtle yet enchanting, with soft floral notes that add to their overall allure. Their delicate scent evokes a sense of tranquility and grace, making them perfect for romantic occasions and serene settings.

  • Uses: 

The classic beauty of White Mondial roses makes them a popular choice for a variety of floral arrangements and occasions. They are often featured in wedding bouquets, where their pristine white blooms symbolize purity, love, and new beginnings. These roses also make elegant additions to formal events, corporate settings, and memorial tributes, where their timeless appeal adds a touch of sophistication and reverence.

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